Shimano Keihō Tenkara NR

Also listed on the troutinfo website in a post dated Nov. 15th. Scheduled release date Dec. 2019.
Is the Shimano 渓 峰(けいほう) テンカラ NR – [Keihō, River Peak, I think] ,

A tip flex, 8:2 rod. Promoted as being accurate to target. [点を射抜く, Shoot through the dot/point] with just a quick wrist snap cast.
Two lengths: 3.3m and 3.6m.
It also has an interesting grip design, a little different from what I recall seeing before.

fishing.shimano instructor Ishigaki Hisao Roddo kei hō tenkara nr


Thank you for the update. As a Shimano Tenkara fan I am excited anytime Dr. Ishigaki has a new design.

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Thank you, David. I’m glad you keep up with all the new info and are willing to share it with us.
I really like Shimano tenkara rods as well. This seems extremely interesting.

Looks exciting! That Pack Tenkara rod I love and the Doc can do no wrong :slight_smile:

No doubt! I drank the Shimano Tenkara koolaid years ago! Love Shimano Tenkara. Can’t wait to try this model. Of all my tenkara rods (too many no doubt) Shimano rods hold the highest praises for me. I guess I should say, Dr. Ishigaki designed rods. It’s every bit enjoying his idea of what Tenkara rods should be. They just have the IT factor for me.

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Uh oh. I have no need for another tenkara rod. I have yet to try a Shimano rod, and keep thinking maybe I should. The Keihō rod might be a good choice. Or maybe the 34 - 38 ZL would better fit my preferences. And at 3.4m or 3.8m it would fit into an empty spot in rod length choices. And avoid the extra cost of the 44 NP. A Gamakatsu tenkara rod would be the only other major Japanese tenkara rod I also have not yet tried. Maybe I could put one of them on my Christmas list for my wife to consider. However, she’d probably be wiser to select the Noodler’s Boston Safety Pen as the much lower cost option that would keep me occupied. :sweat_smile:

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I own a Shimano Maystone 36, Keiryu Tenkara 34-38ZL, Pack Tenkara, and Shimano Technical Game ZL Keiryu the quality. Will be adding to the Shimano quiver soon it seems…


I was unable to find any listing of possible or potential price for U.S.

Welcome to the forum @bossbob50. Thanks for joining us and hope you enjoy your time here.

You can always contact @CM_Stewart at Tenkara Bum and see if he will have them. You could also order direct from Japan from someone like Keiichi at Tenkara-ya.

Ordered mine through Contact Chris Stewart and he can order them from his supplier. Price will depend on exchange rate at the time of the order. Should be between $ 250-270 depending on model. First production run is spoken for from what I have heard in Japan. You may get lucky and find a few once Japanese dealers start seeing the first run in January. Next run will be ready in March. Good luck!