Riverworks ZX Micro small stream pre sale

Let’s help get those first 20 rods ordered! This looks sweet! Great craftsmanship and quality I know from owning the ZX2. Can’t wait to fish the new micro.

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Got mine ordered, seeing a small stream rod like that brings me back to some of the small streams I fished with the Nissin Fine Mode 270, a 280cm rod should be allot a fun in the headwaters. I like what I’ve read on their site sounds like a quality driven company. Carbon fiber might just be the handle material of the future will be a new experience for me anyways look forward to casting and fishing it.

Great to hear. Mine is ordered as well.

I just ordered 1 also. Thank you for letting us know about the rod.

The handles Riverworks uses are very sensitive, it transmits bumps and takes almost like no handle at all.

I believe the delivery date starts on Dec.15th for these rods. I hope more members will acquire one while it is on the pre-sale price of $159.00 + $10 for shipping. The rod looks amazing. I can’t wait to try it on the Upper Rapidan River in the Shenandoah National Park region. Wild Brookies watch out.