Re-shaping handles

(Adam Trahan) #21

Final touches…

(Adam Trahan) #22

Epoxy and stack then clamp.

(Adam Trahan) #23

Using the belt sander technique.

(Adam Trahan) #24

Final sanding and done or, get ready for threadwork on the hosel.

(Vladimir Bushclyakov ) #25

Адам,подскажи как ты сделал заднюю винтовую заглушку?
Adam, tell me how you made the rear screw plug?

(Mike Shelton) #26

Nice job, Adam. This looks really great.

(Mike Kotowski) #27

Adam - I’m curious about this…can you expand on how the cylinder grip allows for a different style of fishing?

(Adam Trahan) #28

It’s a versatile handle because it’s the same grip everywhere.

I made it a slightly larger diameter too.