Quoting someone else's post

(Peder) #1

Have you wondered how to quote someone in a response that gives that person credit? Here’s how (and it’s much easier than you would have thought!):

1. Find the desired post and use your cursor (Or on a mobile device use your finger by pressing and holding for most devices until a word is highlighted, then drag the selector over the section) and highlight the desired portion of someone’s post that you wish to quote. That will enable a small grey pop-up that says “Quote”. Click (or tap) on the pop-up.

2. After clicking on the “Quote” button, a compose window pops up and you can write your response.

I hope this helps!

(David S Riley) #2

Thanks Peder. You are right it is easy.:+1:

(Tom Davis) #3

Just testing. It works for me. Thanks!

(Mike Shelton) #4

Also just testing. No reply needed.