Was wondering when someone would come back to this thread.

Oni type 1
TenkaraBum 40
Daiwa Seiryu-X 35
Suntech Sukei keiryu 39

Looking to likely get a Daiwa Sagiri 45MC this spring, then I think I’ll have everything I want.

I really like the Daiwa and Suntech rods. I haven’t tried a Nissin rod yet, but think I’m okay with that. Unless a deal on a Zerosum 36 comes up that I can’t pass up.

stream rods:
TUSA rhodo
TenkaraBum 36
Suntech Kurenai hm30r

river rods:
Suntech GM Suikei Keiryu Special 53
Nissin Zerosum Oni Honyru 450

Carp rod(salmon/stripedbass):
Nissin Flying Dragon 530
kyogi 18

My collection has grown by three in 2017. kyogi 18, Suntech GM Suikei Keiryu Special 53, Suntech Kurenai hm30r.

My Quiver has a crazy character. Each one is dramatically different than the next, and I am beginning to like the Kurenai more and have moved past first impressions.

The only rods I feel have some level of overlap are the Carp rods. They have the same length and a similar feel. I still have only landed small stuff on them (under 5 lbs.), the true separating factor will be when I start getting larger critters. I might have a different opinion at that time.


This was from one year ago.

I will update now.

I’ve been using the Amago a lot for the last few months. I’m gearing up to packraft in the Grand Canyon (actually, Marble Canyon, upstream from GC) and it will serve as my primary rod there.

I’m looking at getting a Carp rod, something like a Shimano Borderless P630. We have Carp to 1m very close to my home. I am concerned, at 6m, I am very near power lines, if it were not for close proximity to power lines, I would have already been deep into carp.

Looking forward to the new season.

SOLD: Tenryu, Daiwa (Sebata)

ADDED: 3.6m Zerosum, Hane 2, Amago and Iwana

I use my Ito, Amago and Sato the most followed by the Rhodo and then the Mini V3s for travel. I have been using the Hane 2 more, my son uses it quite a bit. I am working for Tenkara USA now as a writer, naturally using their rods more, I’ve used them since day one but they are my work rods now.

My quiver is as follows.

Nissin Mini 2.7 - 3.6 - 4.5 for travel <— grabbing these if the house catches fire.

Tenkara USA Ito - Rhodo - Amago - Iwana - Hane 2

Nissin Zerosum 3.2 - 3.6 - 4.5m (6:4)

Shimano 6m triple zoom bait rod

Shimano 8m zoom bait rod

Sakura Sekirei 3.6m


I don`t know about the Shimano Borderless P630.

There is a fellow Les Albjerg who fishes the shorter kyogi rods.

I would imagine the shorter length would be more strenous for the angler and there might be more athletics involved. 4x - 0x!!!

TUSA Ito, Sato, Iwana
I have two of the Ito and Sato, just in case or if a friend visits and they wish to try tenkara.

I also have Patagonia/TFO 10’6”, given to me as a gift this winter. I will use it with their floating line when dry fly fishing for big browns in a river nearby.

Don’t really wish to own an abundance of rods, I use the Ito and Sato and I’m happy with those rods.

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Mine changed a little since the first post:

Tenkara USA Iwana
Tenkarabum 36
Suntech GM Suikei Keiryu Special 39
Daiwa Sagiri 39MC
Daiwa Sagiri 45MC
TRC Sawtooth (my brother has one and I wanted to try one out. Paid less than full price)

Coming soon: Daiwa X54

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Rob, one of these days I will get a Sagiri. Probably the 45MC. It just seems like it would work very well for me.
I have the Nissin Level Line 320 on the way. Very excited for it.

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I checked tenkara-ya the other day and noticed the 45 was sold out! He can get them pretty easily though. I really liked using the 45 when I was in Colorado last year.

@chris_lynch & @r_ruff

I bought a 45 this winter and am looking forward to giving it a try. Our season opens on Saturday! I’ve wanted one for quite a long time and not sure why I waited so long.


Currently have…

Tenkara USA Sato
TB Traveler 27
Daiwa Seiryu X 35
Nissin Air Stage Fuji-Ryu 5.5 360
Tanuki Snow 325

I’m sure the list will grow and probably sooner than later.


You already have a great collection of rods. Enjoy the fishing and happy to have you on this forum.


I know, I will check into the clinic soon.:face_with_thermometer:

Don’t check in yet. You’re still sane. I’ve got a lot more than that! Is that a Gamakatsu Ryokei 390 I see there!? How do you like it? I really like mine, although I don’t fish it too often. Very lightweight and very smooth!

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Yes it is, I love the Gamakatsu it is incredibly light and also capable rod. It is a really high quality pure Japanese made work of art.

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Tom Davis has us beat for sure in the rod acquisition dept. :laughing:




That’s a very nice collection! I especially like the middle 5!

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Thanks Tom. I’d say those are the rods I use or in the case of the Seki Rei, will use the most.

It looks like someone likes their Oni rods, amongst others.


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