Oni school

(Tyson Sparrow) #1

Is anyone from 10colors planning on attending the school this year? I will be there!


(Michael Schram) #2

Yes I am going. Can’t wait!!


(Tyson Sparrow) #3

Where are you coming from? Are you planning on camping or hotel?


(Tyson Sparrow) #4

I’m so excited, I had some training from Rob Worthing and he’s the main reason I decided to go. Besides I heard this is Masami’s last US trip. He’s 80+ and still amazing. I’ve been practicing my cast daily and feel like I’ve improved. But I still find my casting getting sloppy as I tire and become complacent. Sometimes I become so entranced with my environment I loose focus on serious fishing. I often think of a book I read early in my life by Herman Hess, Siddhartha, the section about the ferryman, listening to the river to speak.


(David Walker) #5

Disappointed to read this will be Masami’s last trip, if true.
Though it’s a long shot it would ever happen I liked to think one year the stars would align just right I could manage to go.

I don’t think Masami is 80 y.o. I think he is my age, 67. (or 68 if his birth date is early in the year)

I once saw his profile on his old blog, that I recalled gave his full birth date. I was surprised to see we were born on the same date.

But I saw that date when I was less adapt at reading Japanese than I am now. I’ve tried to find it again to verify whether I had translated the date correctly. But I have never able to find it again. Perhaps I completely read it incorrectly or maybe he was advised for security reasons to remove his full birth date. I only know he was also born in 1951. At the Oni school - If you find out he was also born the day after Christmas day in 1951. Tell him I wish him a happy birthday on our shared day. :wink:

You may be thinking of Sebata Yūzō, who I think was born in 1940, 79 y.o.


(Tyson Sparrow) #6

You are correct!