One rod

(David S Riley) #41

I use the same make of rod but in different lengths. I own a Shimotsuke Kiyotaki in 7’, 10’, 11’, 12’ and 13’ lengths. I find that this rod which I believe is regarded as a Keiryu rod suits all my fixed line fly fishing requirements, regardless of the size of fish I catch, which tend to be small coarse fish (bleak, dace, roach perch) here in the UK. All the rods collapse down to 15”. I can easily carry a couple of rods in my bag on public transport as I no longer have a car. There is also a bonus as my wife has no idea I have a couple of rods in my bag when I go out, so I can ‘sneak’ the odd half hour or so on the canal! :grinning:

(Adam Trahan) #42

I have used a Keiryu rod, the same model in three lengths, each rod serving as parts for the other.

I fish a variety of streams, open and windy to tight and frustrating. Some streams that I fish, one length rod will not do if one wants to fish the whole stream.

I want one rod that is excellent that I can nearly do all the streams I fish.

I think I’ve got the rod.

So now I’ll do it and see how I feel after a season of it.

I am not going to fish it in Marble Canyon, I’ve got other rods for that and it’s not tenkara so to speak but more like simple fly fishing without a reel.

There is utility in choosing just one.


Like one fly, you learn things you can’t with choices.

I enjoy learning, I like keeping an open mind to new things, operating with knowns but realizing that advances are often made searching and practices outside of what we know.

So, I am tying up my box of kebari now. Just a few tweaks on pattern choices. Not much change there.

Lines, got that, need to stay with my +1.5m and same length short.

Mostly refining but looking at the way my kit is put together and trying to maximize the components to work together to make the sum greater than its parts.

While warring the same drab clothes…

Nice that you noticed that David.