One rod

(Adam Trahan) #21

For me, I want to continue to learn and buying more isn’t helping…

(Mark Fishburn Jr) #22

I’m definitely am interested in continuing to learn. I guess I’m still finding what I like in rods as well. But I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy trying and collecting new rods haha.

(Nick Pavlovski) #23

My 3 Rivers Tenkara “Confluence” very quickly replaced my Nissin Zerosum 360. Confluence seems to suit the rivers in my area and my fishing style.

(Mike Kookagee Shelton) #24

That’s great. I know Anthony Naples will be pleased to hear how much you
enjoy the 3RT Confluence. :wolf:

(Chris Lynch) #25

If a rod works better for you, that is all that matters!

One rod where I fish now would be my Nissin Pro Spec 320 6:4. Just fits so well.
If i fished slightly bigger waters more, I would probably love a Sagiri 39MC.

(Mike Kookagee Shelton) #26

Chris, someone else mentioned they really liked the Nissin Pro Spec. However, I don’t remember who it
was. Is the Pro Spec 320 6:4 similar to any other rod you have tried?

(Chris Lynch) #27

lol that was probably me. I’ve heard several other people speak kindly of it, but I think I’m the only user that champions its virtues.

Honestly the 320 6:4 is about 80-90% as nice (in my opinion) as the Royal Stage 320 6:4. That extra 10-20% is all in the refinement though, as the fit and finish, and feel of the RS320 is for sure a notch above.

My replacement section from Keiichi will be here any day, hopefully before this long weekend. Going fishing friday, would be nice to have it, but could easily just take my Seiryu-X 45.

(Vladimir Bushclyakov ) #28

У меня основное удилище Tenkara Prim classic 4.10 -7:3 и к нему есть ручки 3.6 и 3.15. Можно сказать что оно универсальное. Мне нравится.

(Adam Rieger) #29

For me right now I think I could do very well with the Shimano Pack Tenkara. I can work it in tight streams at the 300 zone and then pop up to 340 for more open water and I find it very capable of working long lines too. I have now landed fish from 4 inches up to about 20 inches with it. Flex wise it is fun to cast but not a total noodle.

I do have the Suntech GM 44 and also enjoy that rod so I can totally understand why the 39 would be a big hit.

(Adam Trahan) #30

Ishigaki sensei and his team make great rods.

I hope to check this one out one day.

(Adam Rieger) #31

So Dr. Ishigaki is invovled with the design? That would make a lot of sense!! I know he is “advertised” with Shimano products but was not sure if that was a “sponsorship” or actual involvement in design. cool!

(Adam Trahan) #32

He sure is.

The story of tenkara is not that old outside of Japan. Ishigaki sensei’s story of working with Shimano was told in this timeline. He has a friend that is a engineer and works with him on designs. Sensei does design his rods by working with Shimano.

Anyway, glad to know you like this rod. I like his rods too, I’ve owned a couple and have purchased one from him while in Japan and fished with Sakakibara-san with it. It was the first time he saw it. He fished it and said it was a nice rod too.

(Adam Trahan) #33

Chris (TBum) hooked me up with the Furaibo zoom today.

First steps in this direction.

(Carl Anderson ) #34

Sweeeeet! Did you get the 39 that collapses down to like 14"? That’d be a great “one” rod for sure.

(Adam Trahan) #35

I did.

Super nice.

Currently working on configuring a line set for it.

#3.5 Pink Oni.

In a few weeks, when I’ve used it a couple of times, I’ll write my initial experiences with it.

(Adam Trahan) #36

I’m going to try this.

It’s going to be a little tough.

The first thing I’ll do is NOT do it.

I’m headed up to Marble Canyon soon. Big river, big river rainbows. It isn’t tenkara so to speak so I’m off the hook on this one.

But, if it’s in the mountains, one rod.

#untenkara, wide open, it isn’t.

Funny, the way we (I) place rules or guidelines on fishing. I feel like this is the best way to augment my progression.

I’ve read that 10,000 hours is mastery level for humans.

Im going to break the math down…

Nahh, doesn’t matter.

Never mind.

I am going to use just one rod for a while and see if that works for me. Feels good, so I’m doing it.

(Mike Kookagee Shelton) #37

I hope you catch a lot of big fish and also I hope you will enjoy the scenery where you will go fishing.
This sounds like a lot of fun, Adam. Have a great time and be safe. :wolf:

(Adam Trahan) #38

More on my kit.

It’s more than one rod, it’s figuring out what line works well with everything, how to have as less lines as possible, less equipment, flys, everything.

It’s a lesson in efficiency, compromise, specialty, it’s a lot of things.

I’m going to do this for my tenkara.

For river fishing, honry, #untenkara, I will use what ever rod and equipment that I want, doesn’t count.

I’m really having fun with this, it’s more than just one rod, its about what works.

(David Walker) #39

Simplicity or decision anxiety? Is an old question.

Maybe you’ve known one of those people who where the same clothes everyday, well not really the same clothes, Just the same outfit; same color & brand of pants, shirt, shoes, socks, belt, etc. I had a high school grammar teacher like that. Same outfit from start of school in the fall till spring, When he changed colors, and to a thinner material. The idea is efficiency, no time wasted each morning deciding what to wear. I think Steve Jobs was one of them too.

Or maybe you remember when Alvin Tofflers’ book, “Future Shock” was first published. It was printed with covers in several different colors. Six or 8 as I recall. Then in the opening paragraphs of the book he asked how long it took you decide what color to buy, and why? Since the content the of the book was the same in each color. Decisions, decisions. Which is best or is there one?

I’ve not stuck with one rod this season, but pretty much one length, 4m. Only a few outings with a 3.6m Daiwa LL rod. Every other fishing day has been with 4m Karasu, Tenkarabum, or Oni 1. But with a few changes of types of line or line length,.

(Gressak) #40

I am believer in the one rod path as i nearly always use the same rod. The only time i dont is when i go to bigger rivers…the ocean…or fish for tiny fish…i scale the rod accordingly. 80% of my trout fishing is with one rod. My mantra is …it is good enough. My buddy…literally only owns one tenkara rod and only fishes it. So he is even more extreme than I…and perfect proof that it is not the rod but the angler. The dude out performs me…every time and we fish the same equipment…but he also exclusively fishes one pattern…hahaha. He knows nothing about academic tenkara or one fly philosophies…he just uses what he likes and it happens to be minimal.