Nissin Royal Stage Syunki Rods

(Roger Hall) #1

For Sale: Royal Stage Syunki Seiryu rods, that is no cork.
Models 330 (Sold), 390 (sold) and 450 (Unused) *450 STILL AVAILABLE!
They’re really nice soft very smooth rods but I have way too many and these are not getting any love. You can look up a review of them by Tenkara Bum under ‘Nissin Royal Stage Syunki Rods’. Comes with original packaging and I will include the light Flourocarbon level lines I tied for them also.
I can send photos but they look new and Chris’ photos would be better than mine anyways. PayPal fine,My Loss, your gain $110.00 shipped CONUS.
Please leave me a message if interested.
Have a nice Thanksgiving.

(Alton Farris ) #2

Do you still have the 450, I am interested. Thank you Alton.

(Roger Hall) #3

Yes it is.
I left you a message.

(Alton Farris ) #4


(Alton Farris ) #5

Thanks, I will send the money tonight,

(Alton Farris ) #6

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