Nissin Mini V3 270

I had a V3 Kit above and sold it as it was overlap with my TF39TA

But, I am missing the versatility of a compact tenkara travel kit. I own a Nissin Tenkara Mini and it’s so lonely… I bought another V3 270.

I love this rod.

I want to discuss it’s use with other owners.

Lines, kit, etc.

My son has caught some significantly sized fish on the 270. 12 fish above 18”, one 22” rainbow. That is a huge fish for a kid on a rod with a tip section the size of a mechanical pencil lead.

I’ve long lined it for fun but use a #3.5, 4.2m line on it. I did make a #2.5 at 4.2m for difficult fish.

I use 7x only on this rod. Btw, my son caught all big fish using 7x

Those fish were at a place where large fish are nurtured for kids in a small stream. It has wheel chair access for the handicap but still, even with “tame” big fish, that’s a huge fight minutes long…

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I was thinking about buying this rod. When Chris Stewart was at Oni School he let me test that rod out and I liked it. I was nervous about my ability to protect it. How has the durability been for you? It does seem like a great small stream rod which was something I wanted. The small packability is also something I like a lot. I may have to pick one up after all.

Chris’s description is perfect, if you have oven mitts for hands, this rod is not for you. If you can take care of your equipment, then it is a precise machine. My son and I have caught nice size trout on it. I only use premium 7x with it to protect it.