Mapping sites other than Google Maps

(Chris Lynch) #21

Rob, did you see my above post? lol

I’ve been using Avenza for almost a year now and it’s great, but I have one issue-
If I download/“buy” a map from the in-app store, how can I back that map (and any notes/etc on it) to dropbox/cloud, so that I can pull it down for use on another device with Avenza? I’ve changed phones a few times in the past year and this has been rather annoying.

(Rob) #22

Oops! Didn’t see this! Chris already posted it. To answer your question, it does not appear the map can be downloaded. It seems those purchased maps (I have one map I purchased also) can only be viewed within the app and can’t be transferred to your phone or anywhere else.

(David Walker) #23

I’ve been satisfied using caltopo the last couple of years. Once I got the hang of using it.

Paul, at Arrow Head Equipment - has recommended a method using a couple of pieces of free software - Basecamp from Garmin and gpsfiledepot. Writing -
"High quality Topo maps from home! There have gotten to be a lot of good GPS apps for phones but most everyone will still recommend having a high quality printed map in hand is still a must for serious backcountry travel…It takes a couple of pieces of free software and an inkjet printer but you to can have custom printed topo maps of just about anywhere in the world. "

Or same instructions from the blog archive list - maybe it will be easier to find it again later by the post date.

I haven’t tried it yet. But maybe this method will appeal to you.

(Tom Davis) #24

I am in complete agreement with having a paper map on you, as well as carrying and knowing how to navigate with a compass. GPS is great, but electronics can break or get lost or loose power. True orienteering is a lost art, but so much fun! When I am in the Yellowstone backcountry I navigate by map and compass, and use GPS to back me up. High quality maps are a must.

(Gressak) #25

Not sure if i would consider an inkjet map.
One rainstorm and that sucker will be useless unless you lamimate it…then its not packable…better to just buy a good waterproof map.

(Tom Davis) #26

True. But if you print on waterproof map paper it can withstand the elements pretty well.

(Jay Johnson) #27

A few strips of shipping tape on the front and back of a map works as a decent ghetto laminate

(Adam Trahan) #28

I use GAIA.

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