Making a tamo

i was finally able to find a few suitable branches to build a net. i’m afraid the limbs may be too small but im going to give it a try. these are pine.


Very nice. What net are you planning to use?

i have an old cast net that i intend to repurpose. this one is an educational unit at this point. it is my first attempt.

scarf joint glued up. it’s coming along.


Looking round

finally finished it. ended up ordering a few nets from flyfishingnets. this is the 28” circumference net. the wood is loblolly pine. stained with minwax and sealed with several coats of gorilla glue applied the way they use it for split cane rods.


That came out pretty good.


Wow, this looks great. Gives me inspiration to try making one myself.

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do it!

They look nice. I’m in the process of making two, both are in the drying process for another month or two. One will be a small brookie net, the other for larger fish. Not sure what I will use for netting, leaning towards cloth for the small net, and black silicone for the larger net.

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Sorry for being so late to reply. You made a wonderful tamo and I’m impressed. You could sell these to tenkara people, seriously, these tamo are that good. Thanks for sharing.