Ketchum Release

I was finally able to use my Ketchum Release today. It’s slicker than snot at -20 degrees.


It’s the way to go for me. If I catch a large trout, then I’ll use a net, but since I don’t catch large trout I don’t need a net very often.

For me, it took some getting used to. Every once in a while I still have problems with it coming off the tippet. But I like it and will continue to use it.

I have one. It’s a great little device!

I love mine!

For a guy that “doesn’t catch big trout”, you sure catch some nice fish!

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My only quibble with it is that you have to carry multiples if you fish different size flies or bead head nymphs. I tend to jump around from large bead heads to stuff in between and down to midge sized flies. It does ok on a range of flies though. I also tried a couple of other options and the wire based one is nice only because you don’t have to change sizes and it still works well.

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