Kauai Trout

(Adam Trahan) #1


On my one fly.

The story is finished.

I’ll be back to catch more in the future, it’s a known now.

(Adam Trahan) #2

Story link added.

(Tom Davis) #3

Very nice! That would be a great adventure to do someday, but I’m not much of a traveler. Thanks for taking us along.

(Adam Trahan) #4

I’m learning to travel. It’s a long process but I am enjoying the experience.

I hope to meet you one day.

(Mike Kotowski) #5

Very cool, I’m glad you got some! My Kauai trout aren’t the biggest or prettiest I’ve ever caught but they are definitely some of my favorite due to the effort involved in planning/finding them!

(Adam Trahan) #6

I went through a headhunting phase, I’m over it.

Big fish are fun but not the reason I go fishing.

I’ve got it now, I made my mistakes, learned what I need to do next time.

…and I appreciate your help.

(Mike Shelton) #7

I never knew Hawaii had trout…WoW!!! Awesome Adam!

(Adam Trahan) #8

I’m after adventures that are fun and with my range of quest. This was one that I was able to figure out and have fun with.

(Gressak) #9

Nice trip Adam . Thanks for sharing.