Japanese Tenkara Hook Sizes Compared to US Hook Sizes?

(Mike Shelton) #1

I have been looking for some type of chart or information to help me compare tenkara hook sizes and how they compare to US hook sizes. I have looked around on the web but cannot find enough information to really be of any help. I would greatly appreciate if anyone would share this information. Thank you ahead of time for your help and efforts. :wolf:

(Adam Trahan) #2

I think Todoroki-san or Keiichi Okushi could help us.

Somewhere I have a chart for tippet conversion.

I stop trying a while ago, trying to convert Japanese sizes to Imperial or American, whatever.

As an example…

I just use meters, my rod is 3.9m fully extended, I use premium .8 fluorocarbon tippet, #3.5 - 4 pink fluorocarbon premium line and a certain Owner “Super Yamame” 7 - 7.5 keiryu hook. Oh, I like a 6:4 medium tone rod or there about.

It’s funny, some people ask me to convert and I just have to guess and look stupid.

I don’t care.

I should.

(Mike Shelton) #3

Thank you Adam. :wolf:

(Adam Trahan) #4

I wish I could help.

But now it’s a thing for me.

I am sort of stubborn with some things.

(Mike Shelton) #5

I’m not sure why, but it drives me a little crazy when the hook packs from Japan list sizes like 3, 5, 6, and 7.
How does this compare to the Western hook units such as #10, #12, and #14? I’m sure there must be other tenkara anglers with the same question unless I’m the only idiot on the dunce stool.

(todoroki toshirou) #6

Tenkara hook and fly hook size

There is no universal standard

Own interpretation

・・・A general “sode-gata”

・・・”Kitune-gata” one step size up

Please refer

(Mike Shelton) #7

Thank you very much for your help. I looked around on the internet but could only get some information but not enough. This now solves the question I asked and gives Adam T. the information as well. Thank you once again.

(Mike Shelton) #8

This is why I enjoy this Forum so much! If you have a question, members jump in and try to help you along in this journey. Members here are more interested in helping instead of making you feel stupid. Cheers to you all for your help.

(Chris Lynch) #9

Adam I’m the same way with rod lengths. “uhh, it’s a 4.5m rod, I’m not sure how many feet that is lol”

(Adam Trahan) #10

Yup, a guy asked me today, “Is that a 12’ tenkara rod?”


(Adam Trahan) #11

Me too.

Massive base of knowledge here…

I much prefer this to FB.

Way better.

(todoroki toshirou) #12

You are welcome
If you have any doubts please contact
Poor English, but please forgive me :wink:

袖 ”sode”

狐 ”Kitune”

X and 号数