It could be love

(Tyson Sparrow) #1

Third day fishing the Angelo and Company Wasabi 360.

I must say this rod stands out far and above all other tenkara rods I’ve fished. Previously I held my Oni Itoshiro and 1 top of the class, in a league of its own, I truly think Angelo and company tenkara rods should hold a seat at the table with other master rods. I really hope others will bite the bullet and buy a wasabi and see what a spectacular product it is.

(David Walker) #2

Well, it is always more than an almost-rod, when you actually catch fish with it too.

(Evan R.) #3

What lines have you tried with it, and what seems to work best?

(Tyson Sparrow) #4

I’ve only used the Fujino soft taper line at the 360 length. The rod casts amazingly, very accurate. Last night there was a fairly stiff wind and the loops were tight and precise, even casting into the wind. The rod is extremely sensitive, I feel every little bump. A take sends a mild shockwave up my arm.

The largest fish was a solid 18” rainbow, and the rod did not seem out gunned. This just may be my go to rod.

(Mike Shelton) #5

Tyson, where did you order your rod from? It looks amazing. Thanks for sharing.

(Mike Kotowski) #6

Beauty! Wish I could justify another rod, ha!

(Tyson Sparrow) #7

I sent Angelo and Company an e-mail, they responded quickly, sent an invoice via PayPal and 4 days later I had a rod at my house in California.

(Mike Shelton) #8

Thank you Tyson for getting back to me.

(Tyson Sparrow) #9

No problem let me know if you want any more pictures, descriptions, anything…