Is Out of Business?

I’ve checked on the Tenkara Bum web site from time to time and it seems almost nothing is in stock anymore. Maybe it’s supply issues still, but it will be a bummer (no pun intended) if Chris is no longer importing stuff from Japan. Also looking at the blog there are no entries for over a year.

Chris is retiring and he told me he wont be importing anything more. What is on the site now is whats left which I believe is all Kurenai rods. Im glad I snagged one of the last TB 36’s!
Tenkara-ya is still a great sight for Japanese rods and equipment and Keiichi is fantastic to deal with. Ive ordered a lot of things from him with zero issues.
I’ll miss Chris he was a great help and always answered my questions.


Not yet out of business, but winding it down in preparation for retiring. There are still Kurenai rods in stock and will restock the Kurenai HM30R and HM33R. Also providing replacement parts for the time being. It’s been a good run but all good things end some day. Best to go out on your own terms at your own timing.

Thank you all for your business and your support.


Makes sense, have you considered passing the torch on to someone? May be tough to do since the business is tied into yourself to a high degree. Either way enjoy retirement and thanks for bringing so many great things to Tenkara over the years.

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Gee Chris, your retiring is going to save me a lot of money. :rofl: But seriously, thanks for all you have done for both me and the Tenkara community.


Thought about it, but at least for now I’ll keep it.
Who knows, I might fail at retirement and decide to keep it going.


Your resource for gear will be missed!


Chris, You had the best site for Fixed Line for many years, I’ll miss it a lot.

Hopefully someone can try to take your place.

Best in your retirement.


I think you will find that once you retire you will be that busy (fishing?) you will wonder how you found time to go to work.
Thank you for all that you have done for Tenkara and Fixed Line fly fishing.
Best Wishes David


@CM_Stewart has been very gracious answering questions for me; a slow learner who doesn’t like to reinvent the wheel. He set the bar for quality rods and has been the Gold Standard for Customer Service for us here in the US.
I echo the comments from @davidsr and hope you enjoy your upcoming “season”.


Just a note to say, you were an absolute God-send to me in the first five to six years of my Tenkara journey (I’m in year 12 now). I sincerely doubt I would have continue to explore Tenkara (especially as a warm water, smallmouth Tenkara guy) were it not for your wisdom, suggestions, positive approach to exploring Tenkara’s “possibilities.” I greatly appreciate having met you at the start. Over the course of my 73 years I’ve learned , “they don’t make many like you. Treasure it when you find one.” :+1: :love_you_gesture:


Best of luck Chris! I suppose that at some point I should order a spare tip for my TBUM 40. I’ve had it 6 years and haven’t yet. But you never know.

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Yes. @CM_Stewart Enjoy your retirement. There is so many wonderful trout fishing destinations. I hope you have opportunity to explore and enjoy them.


I have said this many times but I will never get tired of complementing Chris Stewart and his business, Tenkara Bum. Chris is a super nice person and ran an excellent business. He would go out of his way to help his customers (even for idiots like myself that kept breaking their rods). His influence and dedication made a huge impact to tenkara in North America. If you needed an authentic Japanese tenkara rod you would go to him. He deserves his retirement but Tenkara Bum will be sorely missed leaving a huge hole for the tenkara community to fill. I hope someone will be able to offer all the tenkara products from Japan. However, whoever continues this business will have some big shoes to fill. Enjoy your well deserved retirement Chris. I do hope you will continue to visit this site to offer your expertise and insights.

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