How often do rods break?

(Gressak) #61

I like trout hunter. Great tippet. They have half sizes so you can step down a touch. I would suggest that you investigate that route…if tou do not want to move to a different rod.

(Adam Trahan) #62

Don’t be sorry. That’s your experience. Never be sorry you have a differences. Being respectful is what is important.

I use Stonfo rings. I get them from Chris Stewart. I really like them for tenkara. I’ve had my rig cast by more than a few people that didn’t know I used them, here and in Japan.

They work and are a non-issue.

You like them, good for you. They do many things more than make a uniform place for a knot to break.

(Chris Lynch) #63

Every rod I broke, I either fell on it or was doing my best Bill Dance hookset impersonation.
I don’t feel like any of my breaks were due to manufacturing issues, but having broken the same rod in the same place, twice… and having others say they had the same issue… I am curious about it.

Rod was a Nissin Pro Spec 2-way (320 6:4)

(Tom Davis) #64

The Pro Spec rods have an issue with the third section from the tip section (tip section being section #1). I know a number of rods that broke there. I don’t think it was just you setting the hook hard. There was something wonky with the graphite, at least I’m convinced.

(Chris Lynch) #65

I for sure believe that is possible.
That being said, I’ve had all four pro spec and only broken that one (twice)! Haha