Gear lay out

When your trying to lay your gear out for a trip but it is nap time. LOL I swear if these guys had 3 inches of room on the bed they would do their best to lay on it.

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Awesome!! :smiley:

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Where ya goin?

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An annoying face dog :smile:

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That pic made me think of this pic, which makes an appearance now and again on another blog I read.
Keeping the family safe from intruders, again. :grinning:

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My Beagle dog likewise liked to break the room

I do not know what protected my family from anything :sob:

My dog had the same proud face

Thank you for showing me nostalgic face

It’s like the same face

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Probably to North Harper Creek but have not completely made my mind up yet. :smiley:

I have a dog that is part Beagle also and is very proud of everything that she does.