Fish photos

Nice catch.

It’s crazy for me to think they stock them that big. That takes a lot of resources to grow them that large. The OR Department of Fish & Wildlife must be well funded. Out here, the largest they stock is 16", not in the pounds.

Im not sure why they have been putting these huge fish in in such numbers this year. They have only stocked the pond twice this fall/winter and both times with nothing but 6-12lbrs. Usually they stock once a week Oct-March with 8-14” rainbows and this season its only been the two times. I work at a water treatment plant and the hatchery truck has to access the pond through our gated property so we always get the lowdown on what they are stocking.


Beautiful colors for a hatchery rainbow! Ours are always pale and insipid looking.

Birthday brookie.


A chunky wild native rainbow from yesterdays outing.


New Year’s resolution: more winter tenkara nymphing!