Favorite Flies and Kebari eBook

I did know whether to put this in this topic or marketplace, so moderator, go ahead and move it if needed.

Everyone, I have put together an eBook of some of my favorite flies and kebari. If you are interested, you can read about it on my blog, Teton Tenkara. Buying a copy supports Teton Tenkara blog and YouTube channel.

Happy New Year, and I pray you all will have a healthy, happy and safe 2021!


No worries @tvdavisid! I’d agree with you, it is suitable for either category. Thanks for sharing with us.


My book would probably be a… not a book, some notes scratched on recycled wasted copy paper.


P.S. Tom’s ebook is great. I’ve found a lot of fly tying books to have too much info, to the point of overkill. It’s concise, with recipes, tying instructions, and opinions on fishing the flies. Nice little cheat sheet, particularly if you’d like to add some proven patterns to your box or aren’t a mad scientist at the vise. Looking forward to replicating a few this winter.


Thanks, Mike!