Connecticut bookends 2018

(Gressak) #1


Hit a couple spots with my wife at the end of 2018, We hit some nice wild water on the east and west side of Connecticut. Air temps were around 32, no wind…perfect winter fishing conditions. These are not my home waters but they are often in my thoughts. I did the fishing, my wife took some photos.

Both days were very productive…the colors of the fish burned into my memory banks.












All in all just a great pair of days.
Its hard to believe that water exists out there in the woods…insulated from all the world’s problems.

(Peder) #2

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing @Gressak.

(Jean Santos) #3

Very nice photos Gressak. You are lucky to fish during winter, here the season is closed from October to mid March, 6 months for tying flies and reading tenkara forums…

(Peder) #4

It is very similar here, except it is closed from October through the second week in April. Even if it was, everything is covered in ice and fishing is impossible.

(Gressak) #5

@JeanSantos Yes, i am lucky. October thru mid april is catch and realease only. Then sometime in february through mid april we can only fish in a couple rivers.

Really there are very few anglers on the water this time of the year…even though its open.

(Mike Shelton) #6

Awesome!!! :wolf:

(Gressak) #7

Winter is a special time for me to fish.

The conditions offer me a river without interuption.

The cold is my forcefield.