(Peder) #41

The 10CT hoo-rags are here! I went home for lunch today and they were waiting for me on the dining room table. It’s been raining most of the day, so the lighting on the photos below is a little off. Michael and I are not doing this to make money. In the end, they cost $10.80 each to have made and I have calculated $2.20 for shipping costs (envelopes and postage). As you can see in the first photo, they are each individually sealed.

My model was more interested in the grey squirrels chasing each other than in assisting me. She’s half beagle and half black and tan coonhound, so any small rodent (okay large ones too, we won’t mention the skunk incident from last summer) immediately captures her attention.

There will be two options to purchase one of these.

Option 1: From Michael’s website for $13, shipping included within the US (link coming soon). If you live outside of the US and wish to purchase one, please send me a PM so I can calculate postage fees.

Option 2: If in any way you find value in this forum and would like to support it, please consider making a donation (hover over “Contact” above or click here). For any donations $20 or greater, I will send you one free 10 colors tenkara hoo-rag. For any donations $35 or greater, I will send you two free. I will send these anywhere in the world. The donated funds will go directly to keeping the forum up and running.

(David Walker) #42

Done. In for two as promised.

(Chris Lynch) #43

I’ll send you $20 next week. Thank you, these look awesome.

(Michael Agneta) #44

Here is the link to the store:

(Mike Shelton) #45

I just donated $35 so I can get 2 Buffs. Thank you again.

(Chris Lynch) #46

donated for one

(David Walker) #47

Lucky mail day here today.
My HooRags delivered today. The colors not to dull, not to bright. All set for today’s snowy weather, one for a beanie and one for a neck gaiter.
Plus a set of MSR Needle Tent stakes, a set of Kalili tent stakes, and 20m of 1.8mm orange Three Bulls para cord.

(Mike Shelton) #48

I just received the 2 Hoo-Rags today. They are Awesome!!! Thanks for also sending the tip
to the Tenkara rod.

Thanks again,

(David Walker) #49

We’llll doggies, In this author’s list of the 3 essentials for keeping warm. The versatile Buff is First on his list.
I would agree, good for warmth, and also useful for a bit of cooling in summer or other uses.


(David Walker) #50

FWIW, I received an email this morning from Buff Wear, they are having a winter sale. Some buffs are discounted 20% ~ 36%. However, none of the Merino wool models are discounted. Several of the Polar Reversible ones are. They are my second favorite type after the Merino wool buffs, and one of them is what I used yesterday during an hour long hike with the temperature just below 32˚, a little warmer today. Mostly I don’t care much for their other products, other than I do have a pair of the fishing gloves that are ok. You just have to look around at the different types of Buffs, UV Protection, Insect Shield, Camino Santiago, etc. to see what patterns are discounted.



(Peder) #51

Just want to let people know that there are still some of these left for sale! You can either get one (or two) by making a donation or you can order one direct at the store below! Hurry and get one before they’re gone!

(Evan R.) #52

Donation sent! Looking forward to it.

Thanks, Peder!

(Adam Trahan) #53

I just purchased one, I like using buffs, thanks!

(Michael Agneta) #54

Thanks @Adam_Trahan - received your order.
@Peder will get that Buff on it’s way.

(Peder) #55

Alright everyone. We have a few of these left, get one before they’re gone!

$13 USD - shipping included

(Adam Trahan) #56

Just got mine!

(Mike Shelton) #57

I bought 2 this weekend. I’m not sure why, but I keep losing my neck gaiters I must be getting senile.
Luckily my butt is attached so I won’t lose that. :wolf:

(David Walker) #58

A guy I worked with, or for, he was the local field service supervisor, liked to tell this story:

A little boy wondered why he had a screw in his belly instead of a belly button like everyone else,
He wandered far and wide searching for someone to explain it to him, but no one could or would.
Finally in despair he could do nothing more than cry
Suddenly a large cloud appeared in the sky & a large arm descended from the cloud holding a screwdriver
The arm came down and removed the screw from his belly and his butt fell off.
The moral of the story is - sometimes it’s better to not ask too many questions. You may not like the answer. :open_mouth:

(Mike Shelton) #59

Great story, I love it. :smile:

(Nick Pavlovski) #60

I’m not in the States…how can I order? Can I Paypal?