(Peder) #21

Alright, I will work with @troutrageous1 to get this set up and we’ll get back to everyone once we know more details.

(Chris Lynch) #22

I think the blue oval logo is dope, btw

(David Walker) #23

I love the words people use to describe things. I often read reviews on UK forums, blogs, and other gear review sites.
I’m frequently puzzled by their reviews whether they liked or disliked the item. Who knows on first reading what is meant by the item being - the bees knees, tosh, scrummy, or a damp squid? :confused:


Anyway, looking forward to what you come up with.

(David Walker) #24

I was doing a little research on


Where I found this video review of the HooRag. That suggested some uses I had not thought of, some useful, some just silly.

One use not mentioned is they also make a nice pillow case when camping. It’s easier to wash the Buff / Hoo Rag than to wash your pillow, if I don’t forget it I often use a Sea to Summit Aeros Pillow. But it also works well as a pillow case stretched over folded jacket or shirts, helps keep them folded. I also happen to have a couple of the Hammockforums.net buffs shown in the video. The one he used to make the sling. Which besides having silhouettes of a hammock, and the moon, also has the hammockforums.net url printed on them. It is the original Buff product.


(Peder) #25

Great find David.

(Peder) #26

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update. @troutrageous1 and I are moving forward on these and will give you a more detailed updated, hopefully soon.

It looks like it will be the 10 Colors Tenkara logo in some fashion on a grey background. Once the order is confirmed, it seems like it takes 3 - 4 weeks for them to be produced. Once we have more details we’ll also post how and/or where you can get one (or two, or three).

(Mike Shelton) #27

Thank you Peder. This sounds great!!!

(Peder) #28

Here is the update on the buffs - well, okay these are technically hoo-rags but until this, I’d only ever heard of Buffs (the brand name). We have two design concepts that will be presented. Between now and Monday 02.27.17 we’ll make the decision as to which one we decide to move ahead on. Please use the little “heart” option to “like” whichever design you prefer.

We don’t have all of the details yet, but it seems like once the decision is made, it takes 3-4 weeks for production to take place.

(Peder) #29

For this one there will be two logos. Just imagine that you are currently looking down at it lying flat on a table. Then you can flip it over and see the same thing!

(Peder) #30

Option 2. Pretty self explanatory.

(Martin) #31

Just to clarify, would these be merino? If yes, count me in for at least one.

(Peder) #32

Martin - Unfortunately, at this point they are not. I wasn’t sure how many people wanted merino ones. These will be made from 100% polyester microfiber with 30SPF. Think soft and stretchy, though not merino soft. Not to mention the company we are using to make these doesn’t do merino.

(Martin) #33

Got it. Thanks. I’ll pass then.

(Mike Shelton) #34

These look great. Thank you for all the hard work and time it took to get this together for us. :smile_cat:

(Peder) #35

Well, it looks like option two is the one people voted for and we’ll move ahead with that one. I’ll post another update once we know more.

(Peder) #36

The production process for these went considerably faster than anticipated. What I mean by this is we were told it would take 30 days to make them and we got a shipping notice 3 days after the order was confirmed. Once we get them in hand, we’ll take some photos of the real thing and post them here so you can see them. We’ll also let you know how you can get them.

(Mike Shelton) #37

Thank you again Peder, this is great news. Wow! That was fast. :smile_cat:

(David Walker) #38

Quicker than anticipated, but not really quicker than expected.

The latest company fad is to poll people to rate their service from 1 ~ 10. To stack the deck toward always getting a 9 or 10 rating they give you a much longer delivery date than they can actually deliver. That way when they ask you to rate their service, and ask - was the product delivered on time - of course the answer will be - Yes - because they delivered it a month ahead of the original committed to delivery date. I usually find the polling a big pita. At my previous employer everyone had to get a 9 or 10 rating on every service call, and for every aspect of the call. Get a 8 and the supervisor started suggesting you might want to start thinking about finding new employment. Didn’t matter to them if repair part delivered a day late because FedEx was grounded due to a storm, and the part was delivered a day late, and the call got an 8 rating.

Anyway, Michael and Peder thanks for your time and effort putting this together. You both get a 10. Count me in for two.

(Peder) #39

Thanks David. I cannot and won’t speak for Michael, but I certainly wouldn’t say the experience was an 8. It was definitely one of the more “interesting” business experiences I’ve had recently.

Yes, in the end things got done; however, in my opinion, it was an interesting road getting there. I’m happy it’s worked out successfully, not to mention that Michael was an awesome person to work with throughout. So, for that I’ve been happy. I’ll post photos and more info as soon as they arrive.

(Michael Agneta) #40

Without a doubt. If they could have mastered the mystical art of “Reply To All” on emails, probably would have been at least a 9. :smile: