Bivies, Tents and Hammocks

(Christopher Webster) #42

Nice! Look forward to some trip reports and pics.

(Peder) #43

Interesting shelter. Currently I’m leaning towards a hammock setup, but if I don’t that seems pretty great - as long as the bugs aren’t too bad.,

(Chris Lynch) #44

That is the bivy I got from them, it’ll keep the bugs off.

(Peder) #45

Looks pretty good to me.

(Christopher Webster) #46

Everyone is different and the world would be boring as hell if we weren’t but I just can’t do the fully enclosed bivies and hammocks, I don’t even like smaller tents. I have a bugnet I can rig fronkey style if needed, but I really like laying in my hammock with the tarp in porch mode so I can lay in it and look out and maybe watch the fire. :smiley:

(Rob) #47

Just arrived. I’ll give it a try this weekend in NM. Tried it on some tap water at home and it functioned as designed.

(Chris Lynch) #48

Haha I like that B&H branded bottle

(Rob) #49

The bottle was free and this one had the pre filter attachment.

(Tom Davis) #50

I use a steripen too. I have the travel or backpacking version. It works great as long as the water is clear and does not need to be filtered.

(Rob) #51

I have a Jacks R Better 30 degree quilt that I use when I’m expecting temps in the mountains to be rather mild, 30-40ish during the nighttime. I’ve always felt the upper baffles, the ones covering my upper body where just a little light on the insulation. I recently sent the quilt to Rainy Pass Repair and had them add 2 oz of down distributed in the upper 4 baffles. They did a great job with the quilt and I don’t doubt I could use the quilt into the low 20’s while wearing an appropriate baselayer. If you need some work done to down clothing, sleeping bags, quilts, etc. I recommend Rainy Pass for their services.

(David Walker) #52

Thanks for the heads up. Their inability to do rush orders, til further notice, sounds like they are doing good work. More than they can keep up with.

(Rob) #53

Mine took the entire 4 week turnaround time.

(Chris Lynch) #54

If you guys like that kind of turnaround as an indicator, my Borah order took the full 8 weeks I think haha. Price was totally reasonable and craftsmanship is great.

FWIW, I got the UL side zip long bivy (M90 material) and 7.5’x9’ (custom size) tarp w/ extra tieouts, and it was $125 shipped IIRC. They did a 10% combo discount.

(Chris Lynch) #55

Car-camping tent stuff…

REI has their anniversary sale going on, I’m prob gonna use a coupon to get a North Face Homestead Domey 3.

It sounds like a great family/car-camping tent.

on the flip side, my Gander Mtn has ONE of these:

for $170, then I think 30% off of that. I don’t really need a “big” 2P, because that winds up being tight with me, my wife, and our tall son. Hell of a deal though, I want to buy it just because of that!!!