Bivies, Tents and Hammocks

(Christopher Webster) #22

Yes resist, massdrop is the devil. :wink:

(Chris Lynch) #23

I have only done one drop before and that is the super dope trekking poles

(Christopher Webster) #24

Best buy on darn tough socks I have found, and darn tough are the best socks I have ever worn.

(Peder) #25

I have to completely agree 110%. They are well worth the money, regardless of whether you pay full price or not. Their return policy is unlike any other. Buy a pair once and IF you can manage to wear through them or do something to them, Darn Tough will replace them. Period. No questions asked.

Besides, they’re made right here in the great Green Mountain state. What could be better.

It’s the only thing I wear now. Whether it’s to work, for running, hiking, or fishing.

(Chris Lynch) #26

wow, that is an awesome warranty on socks. I still have 4 pairs of REI Smartwool that I got like 5 years ago, they are getting a little thin in the heels.

(Peder) #27

I gave up SW about 6 or 7 years ago. They were comfortable, but never lasted me more than a year and that was the longest any socks had lasted me. I’ve now got a pair of Darn Tough that are 7 years old and who knows how many hundreds of miles I’ve hiked in them. They’re just getting to the point where I’ll send them back.

Best warranty & customer service I’ve ever seen from any company (except Patagonia & Simms - which both do the same thing).

(Jay Johnson) #28

I’ll still pick up SmartWool every once in a while when I see them for like $5 a pair. But I’ve definitely been making the transition to Darn Tough overall.

(Rob) #29


Just got the steripen:

(Chris Lynch) #30

I was looking at that too. I have been filtering and it works for me… But the steripen looks fun.

(Rob) #31

I have a Sawyer Mini which I use most of the time because it’s small and lightweight. I have used chlorine dioxide drops also if I know I have a clear water source but I have to wait 30 minutes to drink. I like the steripen for speed, 90 seconds for a liter.

(Adam Trahan) #32

Finally bought my OR Bug Bivy. I’ll use it for day hikes when I take a nap. Sleeping in the grass is awesome but I don’t like chiggers and ticks. Not to mention horse flys and mosquitos. Looking for a nice inexpensive tarp, light weight and can use it with my poles or just run a line. I’m going simple, I don’t hike/camp when I’m going to get rained on, I did the hard core thing for years, want comfort, don’t like itching.

And I’ve become cheap. Too much money spent on crap I don’t need.

I already have tents, solo, double, triple, just going to do a tarp and my bug bivy, simple and versatile. …and easy.

That’s what I do.

(todoroki toshirou) #33

I am Agree

Tarp and Bivy sack only

---------------------------------- Often it is used when my wife got angry :scream:

Of course it is a joke.

(Adam Trahan) #34

There is a huge difference between “need and want” and a new rod will not make me better.

Practice will.


(Tom Davis) #35

Here’s my sleeping hammock for backcountry, off trail excursions.

(Peder) #36

Is that setup from Arrowhead Tom?

(Christopher Webster) #37

I really enjoy my hammock. I have never slept as well or stayed as dry in the woods as I do now that I hammock. Another huge plus for me is to be able to set up my hammock in places where a tent just would not fit or would be very uncomfortable. I know hammocks are not perfect or for everyone but I sure am glad I experimented with them. This trip was a 5 day 16 miler, thru hiking a very good wild trout stream in WNC. I am the old guy sitting on the log. :smiley:

This is my new winter tarp. It is a warbonnet superfly, warbonnet makes some really awesome gear. I usually don’t set up right across the trail but I had been on this stream for a couple of days and had not seen a soul so figured I was pretty safe to spend the night here.

(David Walker) #38

I agree. I have the same tarp, Blackbird & Traveler hammocks. Purchased a Yeti under quilt direct from Warbonnet Guy at Trail Days several years ago.

Brian at OES also makes good hammock tarps.

(Tom Davis) #39

The brown fly is, but the rest is not. The green hammock is a Hennessy.

(Peder) #40


(Chris Lynch) #41

My borah stuff came yesterday.
I haven’t set them up yet, just checked out in bedroom before tossing them in my backpack for safekeeping.
Looks like the work on them is top notch. Bivy and tarp should pack to size of a nalgene I think.

FYI, they may do a limited run of their borahgami later this year. I’ve been pressing them about it and I think others have too.
It looks like exactly the UL shelter I want.
Should be under $150.