Anyone been to Andorra?

(todoroki toshirou) #21

Thank you for contacting me :smile:

It is the feeling of gratitude :hugs:

I am satisfied just by seeing your kebari picture :star_struck:

I think I can have a good time together :thinking:

It may be a way to enjoy my “The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning”

(David Walker) #22

Uh oh. For me my clutter is an external model of my brain. A journal of the flow of my interest from topic to topic. Kind of a physical 3D Mind Map. When someone else attempts to tidy it up, it’s like they rewired the synaptic connections in my brain. Causing great stress. It only looks disorganized to the outsider, to the A to Z file folder or hierarchical out-liner types. In my mind it’s wonderfully organized. :smile:
If my wife finds out about this book, she would insist it is a rule book, not a guide book.

(todoroki toshirou) #23

Everyone here is the same :rofl:

If there is surely a British pub here, it may be able to escape

(David Walker) #24

Wives often see husbands as broken clocks. Only right twice each day. And one doesn’t count because it is when they are asleep. It’s best to keep a sense of humor about the assessment, admit you are not always right. And just say, Yes dear. :roll_eyes:
(my apology for hijacking the chat about Andorra)

(Joakim Karlsson) #25

David, you’re not hijacking. I’m going to Andorra with my wife to be. Everything is connected.

(todoroki toshirou) #26

From Sweden to the United States it to Japan

From Japan to Sweden to Andorra

France watches over the trip

Even so, we all flee to the British pub with the same feeling
Because my loving wife is staying by my side

The world is now very close but my wife’s way of thinking is very far from me
I am obedient to my wife and words are only yes
My wife is very near, but my way of thinking is very far from my wife
Everyone is in a distant place but very close to my way of thinking

The world is full of kind and happy

(望月正樹) #27

Todoroki san . same as me… same bed difference dreams. but full of kindness,