Anglo Kowasa

My tiny ten sits mostly

I bought a Tenkara Rod Co mini sawtooth off their Kickstarter a long time ago and I didn’t like it at all. I wound up giving it away to my brother, which probably wasn’t very nice and I should tell him to toss it and give him a better rod.

IMO it’s a little like comparing buying a Ferrari and buying a Yugo. They both have people that will buy them, but the build quality isn’t comparable. Some people will want one and someone the other, but they will run completely differently. They will also hold value and last differently.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with either choice, but there are consequences of either choice.

If you do purchase the Anglo Kowasa rod please let us know what you think about the rod. If it is a great rod maybe I can scratch up some change and purchase one as well. You have my curiosity up now; I will go back to their web site and read more about the rod. I have been wanting the TF39TA rod. I know Adam Trahan has this rod as well and it is his main rod so it must be awesome. I bought the TF39 only because it was cheaper and at $500(+) it was a lot of money to drop on a rod when it first came out.

I put it on order so I’ll report back. They told me a month to build it and get it out. Adam and I must be attracted to similar gear. If I had to keep one rod it would be the TF39TA. It’s not perfect, but darn close. I like the idea of the small collapsed size and quality of the TF39TA. That’s also true for the Nissin Pocket Mini which I like as a backup rod or to have with me for small stream fishing. I do gravitate towards the minimalism idea, even though I have way too much fishing gear. I’ve been trying to narrow down my gear so that I only take with me what I really use and need.

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Thanks Chris, for getting back with us. This really sounds interesting and I hope this will be an awesome rod for you.

Pictures! Thoughts!

Here’s some pictures, the blue rod cases are the cases from Tbum, the medium case fits the two smaller and the small case has the TF39TA. I took pictures with the Tenkara Mini and the TF39TA as reference. The Tenkara Mini is basically the same size without the tip cap. The tip cap on the Kowasa is larger. I tried a Fuji tip on the Kowasa and it would work great, I may pick one up for it. The fit and finish on the Kowasa is really amazing. The rod just has a feel that is very high quality. Even compared to the Nissin Tenkara Mini it feels like a higher quality rod and the Nissin Tenkara Mini is very nice. I have yet to cast it since I just received it today. I’ll report back when I have a chance to test it out. I may try to make a video with it, we’ll see how ambitious I get.


First fish with the Anglo Kowasa. I hit up a little creek with lots of overhead and tricky situations. I really like it, the action feels slightly slower than the Tenkara Mini, but similar. It feels a bit smoother if that makes sense. I used a 2.5 Vulcan line since the fish here are very spooky. That felt a bit light and the wind was going making casting tricky. I need to try a 3 or 3.5 line. I suspect 3.5 would be ideal.


Woo whooo!

I like the idea of that little rod. I almost bought one.

I hope you continue to like it.

Thank you for the information. Looks very nice.

So far so good, I’ve tried it on some different places and really like it. It was either this one or the pocket mini 270 and I figured I had tried the 270 so I might as well go for this one since it looked nice. It is a very high end nice rod.

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The Pocket Mini V3 is sort of fragile.

This rod seems much more serviceable.

You have good taste in equipment!

I received an email a couple of weeks back from Tenkara Tanuki, Luong Tam’s forthcoming Tenkara Pocket Ninja rod. Which is a kickstarter project. Funds appear to be about 2x the stated goal amount. Maybe it will be more robust than Mini V3..

Kind of depends on you opinion about Tanuki rods if this would be an attractive option. Some people seem to love them, others not so much. From the video it appears to be a tough rod. Full flex which appeals to some people, not others.

Details of rod specs are a little confusing, comparing early blog post vs the kickstarter page. Where in one place collapsed length is listed as 35cm at another place as 38 cm. Extended length of 335cm. Ten sections I guess. And blog list 2 models, Pro and Sport of different extended lengths. On the KS page I only see the option of different colors, Snow or Black. Early backers are told they can expect limited production run with rods available by December.—fly-fishers-best-friend

fwiw. Info not intended to highjack the thread from discussion about the Anglo Kowasa rod.

For me it wasn’t the rod I was looking for. It seems to compete with the Nissin Tenkara Mini (Pre the new lengths) at an 11’ extended length. It is confusing though since he lists different lengths. It looks like the collapsed length is 13”. That puts it outside of what I was looking for since I wanted a 2.7m rod that is in that 9” collapsed range. The only two I looked at were the Nissin Pocket mini 270 and the Kowasa. The new 270 Tenkara Mini would be a great option though. In fact if that was available I may have gone that direction. I already have the Tenkara Mini in the 320 size and really like it. However it’s fun having an Anglo rod and it is really nice.

The big advantage with the Tenkara Mini 270 is the grip is superior over the Anglo. Unless you want to use a tip cap. I find that the grip on the Anglo works well though since the cork section fits nicely in my hand and I rest my index finger on the rod part. It’s a nice feel. Given the cost though the TM270 is very appealing. It’s really awesome that there are so many great options for pocket Tenkara rods that are really excellent rods. I think I could have just the Tenryu TF39TA and either Kowasa or the TM270 and really don’t need any other rods. Of course I do like to fish with other rods for other circumstances so I probably won’t sell off my rod collection yet.

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The Kowasa is still on my buy list. Thank you for the updates. Can’t wait for another trip report as you get more time with the Kowasa.

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Definitely wise words Peter.

I was reflecting with my wife on being paid to drive a Yugo when a Ferrari is a much better choice.

Any good angler can cut a piece of bamboo and make it work pretty well.

I’m not interested in most non-Japanese marketers rods. Rods by John and Paul excluded as they know and have similar demands as I do.

At a minimum, I want a rod designed by accomplished fly fishermen and lifelong Japanese tenkara fishers. I’m after their skills dna.

The little Japanese rods?


Someone’s Kickstarter rod?


Don’t like my opinion?

Cool, have your own, that’s what you are supposed to do.

I’m really enjoying NOT reading the outside of Japan marketing strategies.

I think that little Japanese rod would be the thing to have where it works.

Thats what they do best.

Don’t want to spend the money? Don’t. You probably don’t need to. You are a good angler, make a stick work, it’s your choice.

Marketing is like politics, I’ll just leave it like that.

I hope we get some words on that cool little Japanese rod.

Enjoying your view, I have similar wants in a rod.

Reading what you just wrote here is so much more informative than the bullshit “my rods are the best” marketing aimed at your money.

Thanks for taking a little time to write.

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After you twisted my arm on this rod, (Anglo Kowasa), I just ordered one. I can’t wait to get it in the mail
and start fishing it. Do you remember how long it took to receive the rod after you orderd it?
Anyway, thanks for telling us about the rod. My wife says not to twist my arm anymore. I had to blame everything on you buddy. Sorry!!! :wolf:

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I think you’ll love it if you have some tiny little streams to play on. I can’t wait for it to get warm enough to go fish with it. I think I’m going to make a custom x-pac sleeve for it, I made a custom bag for it and rods of similar size to fit into. I paid for it on 10/23 and it shipped on 11/8. I think it took about a week in shipping, but can’t remember exactly. It did seem to take awhile with customs and all.

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