Anglo Kowasa

I’m interested in the Anglo Kowasa rod as my tiny stream rod. It looks like the collapsed length is similar to the Nissin Pocket Mini 270 which is what I’m after. I’ve fished with the Nissin 270 but not the Anglo. Does anyone have experience with the Kowasa? I’m wondering how it is, I’ve been wanting an Anglo rod and this seems like a good excuse. I was going to get the Nissin 270 for my 8’ rod, however the Anglo looks like a great option. Plus I like the grip on it better than the Nissin 270.

I am hoping someone chimes in myself. I want one and would love to hear from someone who has one. Anything I have found shows it to be in the 8:2 flex range. Keeping my eye on this thread. I will see if I can find anything with more information online from Japan.

It looks very similar to the Tiny Ten rod from the closed position. The Tiny Ten is about 5-6 ft in length and runs around 8:2 in flex. That rod runs around $55.00, rod sock, and a metal tube case. The Kowasa runs 41,800 yen = $384.65 in US currency from looking at their website and including shipping will cost you in the $410 range. That’s a lot of money for a rod when Chris Stewart has similar or better rods for half the cost. I only hope the Kowasa is the best thing since sliced bread for small stream fishing. :wolf:

I haven’t seen the Tiny Ten rod or used it so I couldn’t compare, but yeah on the cost side it’s clearly a fraction of the price. It’s shorter, but that may be a good thing. It will be interesting to see how people like it, I’d love to give it a test run, at that price it might be worth it, although I’d hate to buy it only to sit around.

Of course a similar quandary exists when comparing the Tenryu TF39TA to other far cheaper rods. Is a handmade in Japan Tenkara rod from a company like Anglo worth the money? I honestly don’t know. I do know the Tenryu TF39TA is one of if not my favorite Tenkara rods and to me it was well worth the money even though it can be five times the cost. The only rod I know of that Tenkarabum sells that compares with the Anglo Kowasa is the Nissin Tenkara Mini 270. If I’m missing one let me know (ie collapsed / extended lengths). That one is also almost half the cost. I just received a quote from them and the rod comes out to $349 and then I didn’t convert shipping but probably around $25 for that.

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I don’t have that rod but have the wasabi 360, it is a fantastic rod. Build quality is unmatched. Each rod is a custom hand built rod that is bar none one of the best rods on the market. The tiny ten which I also own is a bottom barrel rod. If money was no option I would go Angelo and Company every time.

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My tiny ten sits mostly

I bought a Tenkara Rod Co mini sawtooth off their Kickstarter a long time ago and I didn’t like it at all. I wound up giving it away to my brother, which probably wasn’t very nice and I should tell him to toss it and give him a better rod.

IMO it’s a little like comparing buying a Ferrari and buying a Yugo. They both have people that will buy them, but the build quality isn’t comparable. Some people will want one and someone the other, but they will run completely differently. They will also hold value and last differently.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with either choice, but there are consequences of either choice.

If you do purchase the Anglo Kowasa rod please let us know what you think about the rod. If it is a great rod maybe I can scratch up some change and purchase one as well. You have my curiosity up now; I will go back to their web site and read more about the rod. I have been wanting the TF39TA rod. I know Adam Trahan has this rod as well and it is his main rod so it must be awesome. I bought the TF39 only because it was cheaper and at $500(+) it was a lot of money to drop on a rod when it first came out.

I put it on order so I’ll report back. They told me a month to build it and get it out. Adam and I must be attracted to similar gear. If I had to keep one rod it would be the TF39TA. It’s not perfect, but darn close. I like the idea of the small collapsed size and quality of the TF39TA. That’s also true for the Nissin Pocket Mini which I like as a backup rod or to have with me for small stream fishing. I do gravitate towards the minimalism idea, even though I have way too much fishing gear. I’ve been trying to narrow down my gear so that I only take with me what I really use and need.

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Thanks Chris, for getting back with us. This really sounds interesting and I hope this will be an awesome rod for you.