Adapting Czech/ European Nymphing

What have forum members found, recommend, warn against etc. when trying Czech/Euro Nymphing as a part of their tenkara angling?
I’m interested in tactics, rod selection, rigging etc…anything and everything you know.

I still need to experiment more with multi-fly setups. One of my fishing buddies uses them on a regular basis.

For me the biggest hangup is the pun…and loosing more than one fly.

A close second is the rigging. Mostly my intent is to deliver a midge…and I have not found a rigging that I can easily setup in the field. The biggest challenge is my eyesight…and just all round experience with really tiny flies.

The overall deterrent has been the complexity of the presentation and the stress it causes compared to a single fly presentation.

Most of my fixed line fishing happens in the winter…so I am really interested in the topic and will be curious on what other peeps post.


Tips on most Tenkara rods are too light for Czech nymphing techniques. I use stout Keiyru fixed line rods for this method. I almost always us a single fly too.


I don’t do anything that could rightly be called czech nymphing, but there are a number of photos online of various rigs for czech nymphing with tenkara.

I do nymph a fair amount, mainly a dry/dropper set up, or sometimes just dead drifting a nymph on its own.

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Here’s what has worked for me:

Use a rod with a stiff tip. Use a Seaguar knot to attach a second fly.


Thanks so much Tom for all your thoughts and shares. Very useful.

Interesting thread.
I am very interested in the Czech nymph style. I bought a book earlier in the year published in the Czech Republic. It gives a very good insight into the method as the input is all by well known Czech Fly fishermen. It was first published in 2007. It is called,

Czech Nymph
and other related fly fishing methods
Third edition


Karel Krivanec and Friends

You can still buy copies here in the UK.

If you are a fly tyer this book gives you plenty of patterns.

I am not sure if it is available in the USA



Paul and John at Discover Tenkara have probably written more than others about nymph fishing with tenkara rods. With Chris/Tenkarabum, Tom Davis, and a few other people adding additional thoughts on the method. Or producing tenkara rods that favor this method of fishing.

New Fly Fisher YTC posted this video a few weeks back, fishing with western fly rods. But I think a lot of the tips or techniques presented are easily adapted for tenkara or the stream reading information will be useful information to know.

Euro Nymphing | How To with George Daniel
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In this very detailed and educational video, host Tom Rosenbauer is instructed by George Daniel on the essentials of Euro Nymphing. This deadly and effective technique for nymph fishing for trout is a method all fly fishers should learn to enhance their catch ratio.

George Daniel’s blog:

DT’s blog post on this topic from a year ago:

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•Oct 14, 2018

Thanks everyone. Midwinter here - all rivers/creeks are banned from trout fishing - will be restarting again in September, and will try to get out with a Euronymphing mate who provides tips and suggestions that I modify to fixed line. He loves the Frenchie nymph, but I like a bit of diversity and so carry a number of different wet flies with me when fixed line nymphing.