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A place to talk about books, mooks, magazines, other websites and more!

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Result of organizing bookshelves


There are still a lot


introduced sakasa-kebari
最初期に本で逆さ毛鉤を紹介された 右田政夫 氏

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Very nice looking books.

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VERY nice collection.

I have most of those books and more. I am starting to focus on cataloging my own collection along with indexing my Headwaters magazines and the editor is working on indexing TENKARA ANGLER.

We are starting to make the site easy to navigate and the feedback that I am getting is positive.

I really enjoy Tenkara books from Japan. I have worked with many authors and have put together quite a library. I’ve traded, given, sold and helped many Tenkara enthusiasts around the world and books are important to my knowledge base.

I hope to see more book stuff here.

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Adam さん

I feel it.
You are very experienced and knowledgeable

I admire your understanding of tenkara fishing

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You are very kind.

It is important for me to be accurate.

It is also necessary for my personal view to pay tribute to the people that help me.

I appreciate you comments and I will continue to work on sharing my resources.

Take care.

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It is excellent as basic knowledge




I noticed this today.
Thanks to this forum

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There is a lot of information there.