2020 is 35th anniversary of Keiryū magazine - spring & summer special issues with DVD

[ 2020, is a milestone year of the 35th anniversary of the first issue of "Keiryū ". Both the Spring and Summer issues will be released as luxurious editions with an appendix DVD.]


『渓流2020春』創刊35周年記念 付録DVDトレーラーを公開
[ "Mountain Stream 2020 Spring" 35th Anniversary - Release appendix DVD trailer ]

The Amazon jp webpage for the magazine - has pictures of the front cover and 5 internal pages. More than you can see on the tsuribito websites.
https://www.amazon.co.jp/渓流2020 春 2020年 3 月号 [雑誌]: つり人 増刊

You might also notice on Amazon - listed just below the Keiryū magazine is - Mountain Stream Fishing 2020 (Sakura Mook) [ 渓流釣り2020 (サクラムック)] . I have purchased a couple them in previous years, and they were also good magazines, especially a couple that had DVDs included. However, this one does not.

However, there is also an associated video on Youtube - 【渓流釣り2020】本誌連動「健在なり丹沢の渓流道場 〜神奈川県東丹沢中津川源流 本谷川〜」[Mountain Stream Fishing 2020] Linked to this magazine – “Mountain stream dojo - Kanagawa Prefecture Higashi Tanzawa Nakatsugawa headwaters of alive and well Nari Tanzawa Hontanikawa ~” : Since that is a different magazine than the Keiryū magazine spring issue, I’m only posting the external link to this 15 minute video.


A couple of article listings from Keiryū magazine that caught my attention:
034 瀬畑雄三 滝壺テンカラ釣りの極意 文と写真◎浦 壮一郎
034 Sebata Yūzō The secret of waterfall Tenkara fishing Text and Photo ◎ Soichiro Ura

140 大イワナはカマドウマ毛バリがお好き?
140 Large Iwana like kamadōma kebari?

Well, ok then. What’s a kamadōma kebari (カマドウマ毛鉤) ?
Google gives me two translation - Antelope fly & Rhaphidophoridae fly.

Well, it turns out a Rhaphidophoridae - are those weird cricket-like bugs I sometimes see in my garage or in the crawl space beneath my house. aka cave crickets, camel back crickets, among other names. I never knew before what they were called. Only that they were odd looking bugs.


A Japanese blog post with the author’s take on a kamadōma kebar
【釣り】夏だし、カマドウマフライを巻いてみよう その1
[Fishing] It’s summer, let’s wind a kamadouma furai / rhaphidophoridae fly Part 1


Oppsie ! I almost forgot - Yoshidakebari also has a blog entry about this magazine issue - an interview he did and is requesting people read it.
Tsurihito’s (Tsurijin / tsuribito) special issue `` Mountain Stream 2020 Spring ‘’ will be released



Keiichi-san has loaded 3 copies of this magazine onto Tenkaraya website. If this sort of thing interest you.

$29 + $20 s/h (which seems about the norm, I just ordered a small magnetic Go set, MG-12, from a nice shop in Tokyo (Aoyama Go Banten) and it was exactly same shipping price.

Headwater Magazine “Keiryu” Spring Issue 2020 with Special Appendix DVD [AC049]


I received this magazine in the mail today. I don’t think I have ordered any magazines from Japan for a couple of years because a) magazines are heavy, making the shipping price high, and b) although the photography is beautiful and the diagrams of tackle setup is helpful & interesting - my limited ability to read large blocks of Japanese restricts my ability to understand most of what is written.

However, the included DVD is very nice, making this purchase, imo, worth the price. Beautifully filmed with brilliant bright colors. It follows two guys, Maruyama Tsuyoshi (or Maruyama Gō ) Watanabe Daiki, [ 丸山剛 & 渡邊大樹] 4 day trip into the headwaters areas of Mount Akaishi. 赤石岳 (the summit, I think), and Akaishizawa 赤石沢, the area where they camped and fished.

赤石 - Aka + Ishi is Red Stone. You can see why the area has that name. The gorges are stunningly beautiful. With a mix or large red stones and grey stones. Of varying hues mixed with clear or green water in the deeper pools, and the greenery of surrounding vegetation. Lots of high drone video and underwater video. Now that you to look for them you can see some of the large red stones in the stream from the drone video in the trailer video posted above.

Some of the below linked blog post, not of this journey, capture some other views from the DVD. I recognized some areas from the video. One being the crevice area they had to climb through.

Looks like an adventurous weekend. Probably to rugged for me to attempt. One of them used a Dawia Expert LT H44 rod, the other used a 3.9 m rod that wasn’t identified. Plus 5m FC LL. And dry fly kebari. Catching many fish that appeared to be 12 ~ 14 inches, 30 ~ 35 cm.



An internet search for 赤石沢 丸山剛と渡邊大樹

Turned up this webpage with several still frame images from the DVD:


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