2017 New Rod Chatter #tenkara #flyfishing

(todoroki toshirou) #41

my tenkara-rods

Tenkara fishing keeps rod swinging
I am using cork grips

Bait rod is a blank grip

I think blank grip is good for feeling a small reaction
I also like the wooden grip of Fuji Tenkara rod
7:3 and 6:4
It changes with the sense of rhythm fishing
7:3 Easy to swing
6:4 The pleasure is deep
I think there are no rods that can not be used although there are design differences
While watching a new rod
Even cheaper rod can be used well and You may admire it.

(Peder) #42

What rods are those?


(todoroki toshirou) #43

The top
daiwa tournament tenkara zoom lengths 4.0 Level line

The two under it Sub rod
simano and nft lengths 3.6m

Old glass fiber rod 40 years ago
daiwa kohaku 3.6m 琥珀

The bottom two rod are bait rods
Telescopic Zoom type lengths of 5.4 m and 4.5 m
I use it with double hand tenkara

(Gressak) #44

What are the characteristics of the the daiwa kohaku 3.6m?
Do you like it?

I like rods that have a fiber glass component. They tend to be more durable, better fish fighting, and casting blanks. A lot of guys don’t like it because of the weight, but I feel it can be a fair trade.

(Peder) #45

Thank you!

Which Shimano rod?

What kind of bait rods?

(todoroki toshirou) #46

me too Gressak

Because of flexibility it places no burden on fish and anglers

but This rod has a strong core

It is a bit heavy :sweat_smile:

(Gressak) #47

how does it balance in hand compared to a graphite rod?
You have me really curious now.

Does anyone know of any contemporary blanks that are fiberglass or a blend of glass and graphite?

(Peder) #48

For a tenkara rod, the Shimano LLS NB series has comparably high level of glass (7-8%) compared to a lot of other tenkara rods.

The Holiday Keiryu rod from Shimano has 11.7 - 15% depending on the length.

I’m sure there are others too.

(David Walker) #49

Looks like these to me.
シマノテンカラsx Shimano Tenkara SX
AERNOS テンカラRT36 …『NFT シマノ AERNOS テンカラ竿 RT36』

On kebariandfly - the bottom tenkara rod is listed as 富士流テンカラ竿 Fuji Style Tenkara rod. Fuji Hiromichi today designs rods for Nissin. But I’m not sure if that is a Nissin rod.

I’ve not yet looked carefully at Torodoki-san’s テンカラ竿 blog entry - but more detail is there.

BTW - Torodoki-san Thank you for the link to 10ColorTenkara forum in that blog post. And the kind words;
10ColorTenkara 楽しみが広がればもっとお互いが楽しい [ have fun if it spreads more fun to each other]
Not the best translation in to standard English, but translates the ideas well, I think.

(Peder) #50

Thanks David. I’ll have to take a look at that later.

Yes - thank you very much Todoroki-san. That is very kind of you to do that.

はい - 非常にトドロキさんありがとうございます。 それはあなたにとても親切です。

(Mike Shelton) #51

Thank you for the information CM. I will wait and look at your website and choose something else then.
I appreciate your help and honestly. That means a lot to me.

(David Walker) #52

Finally found the time where I could zoom the image of Todoroki-san tenkara rods, and see more details of the top & bottom tenkara rods. They are both Daiwa tenkara rods. The 2 rods in the middle are Shimano rods.

Top rod is Daiwa Amorphous Whisker Tournament Tenkara 40LT

I think same as this rod
ダイワ アモルファスウィスカー トーナメント [Daiwa Amorphous Whisker Tournament]
パワーメッシュ テンカラ 40LT [Power mesh Tenkara 40LT]
マルチレングス 2WAY [Multi Length 2 Way.]

As found on this auction site:

I think the bottom tenkara rod is:
ダイワ パールクリスタル 琥珀 硬調子36 [Daiwa Pearl Crystal amber hard tone 36]
古い竿ですか? [Is it an old rod?]

I think same as this rod:

Todoroki-san: どれは富士流テンカラ竿ですか? [Which Is Fuji Style Tenkara rod?]
シマノ竿 or ダイワ竿? One of the Shimano rod or one of the Daiwa rods?

I only know of Mr Fuji Hiromichi [富士弘道氏] designing テンカラ竿 for Uzaki Nissin [宇崎日新].

Todoroki-san: あなたはなぜ書くかですか ・自慢する物でなく残念ですが [Why are you writing? - It is a shame, not a thing to brag about]
古い竿はOK. [Old pole is OK.] 笑

(Chris Stewart) #53

The Tenryu tenkara rods are 17% glass.
The Fountainhead Caddis Fly tenkara rods are 25% glass.

(Gressak) #54


Have you fished any of those rods…I would dig hearing your thoughts.

(todoroki toshirou) #55

That’s right :astonished:

There was a lack of explanation

I want to tell you that I am enjoying enough this rod

Old pole is OK.・・・・ :blush:

Fuji Tenkara rod Lifespan ended

Daiwa Pearl Crystal amber hard tone is 40 years old old rod

Others are rods more than 20 years ago

(David Walker) #56

Old rods indeed. Perhaps the subject of many memorable days on a stream fishing.

Since the topic of this thread is New Rod Chatter - the example of those rods sets a standard for new rods.
In addition to any new features on any rod model introduced this year. The rods also need to be robust. Tough enough that with proper care someone 40 years from now, in 2057, will be still fishing with a rod released in 2017. :grinning:

(Peder) #57

Excellent point David! It will be interesting to see what is around then - if any of us make it that long!

(todoroki toshirou) #58

Thank you dwalker

(David Walker) #59


(Chris Stewart) #60

I like the Tenryu rods a lot. They have two models, the TF39, which is a single length rod, and the TF39TA which is a three position zoom rod. Of the two, I like the TF39 a little better, as it is a little softer. The first time I fished the TF39 I was surprised at the excellent damping for a rod that had a higher glass content than normal, and even more surprised that I liked the rod better than the Daiwa Enshou LL41SF, which had been my favorite rod up until that point. It has been a long time since I have fished the Fountainhead Caddis Fly and I don’t remember it well, other than it is a nice rod for the being as inexpensive as it is. It is heavier, more full flex and softer than their Stone Fly, which has a much lower glass content. I recommend the Fountainhead rods frequently to people who want to buy a rod for as little money as possible, and always tell them that upgrading to the Stone Fly is worth the extra money.